Be Quiet! Pure Power 9 CM 600 W (L9-CM-600W)

Connectors & cabling

All the wires are black and 18AWG, besides the few which do not conduct significant currents (like the feedback or −12 V, those are 24AWG). Black cabling is not in accordance with ATX, but I have been told customers wanted that over colored wiring. Well, no big deal, just going to give me a hard time sorting it out. The fixed cabling is sleeved while the modular cables are molded together to form flat ribbons.


No connectors are gold-plated but the molex ones are at least equipped with clips for easier unplugging. The modular cabling of the L9-CM-600W is strange though, at least the PCIe cabling – there are custom 12-pin connectors, but only 8 pins are used. Three of those conduct +12 V for both PCIe connectors each time (equals to 300 W nominal). Why such effort to not use it anyway? That does not make any sense.

In total, we have:

Fixed cabling:

  • 1× Main ATX (20+4pin): 55 cm
  • 1× ATX 12 V (4+4pin): 60 cm

Modular cabling:

  • 4× PCIe (6+2pin):  2× 50 cm, 2× 64 cm
  • 6× SATA: 3× 50 cm, 2× 66 cm, 1× 81 cm
  • 3× peripheral molex: 1× 66 cm, 2× 81 cm
  • 1× Berg for FDD: 97 cm


We can see the modular cabling board uses proprietary connectors for both PCIe cables and the peripheral cables. From those 12 pins only 8 are used in each case, as stated above.

Casing & cooling

The metal chassis of the L9-CM-600W is made from 0.7mm SECC steel, and it has a matte black finish (which is most likely a powder coating). A wire fan grill is used with an orange plastic circle in between. A plastic bushing is around the outcoming cables.


The backside is very similar to the Cooler Master G550M. Basically the whole secondary side is closed as there are no outtake holes on the backside whatsoever. There are holes on the other side, under the outgoing cabling, so the hot air will be basically pushed back inside the PC chassis. Really, Be Quiet!, in 2016?


The fan is Be Quiet!’s own Silent Wings, a special version for the power supply. It is labeled QF1-12025-MS and as we can see, its maximum rated speed is 1800 RPM.


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