Be Quiet! Pure Power 9 CM 600 W (L9-CM-600W)

Conclusion and evaluation

The Be Quiet! Pure Power 9 CM 600 W (L9-CM-600W) did not pass the combined and crossload testing in accordance with the ATX specification, so according to my evaluation methodology, it is not deserving of an evaluation. In two of three crossload tests it went out of ATX specification on voltage regulation. That was also confirmed by two another reviewers with completely different equipment and methodology. So while the FSP Aurum/Raider platforms were always only barely passing my tests, the time has come that they failed. I have been repeating for a while that this platform is already obsolete and I do not understand why brands still pick it up. Be Quiet! did this once again. This time at least this unit is finally sold for mainstream price, though it based on the mainstream Raider, rather than (former) high-end Aurum platform. The trade-off is it has so bad voltage regulation.

If Be Quiet! at least specified some cross-load conditions, I may be still willing to let these units pass. But when they directly state zero minimum output on all rails but first +12V rail (0.1 A), I went ahead and tested under such scenario. It did not work. I even added some load to +12 V rails. It still did not work. Two samples reached basically the same result so I think it is clear this unit has serious problems with voltage regulation.

What I like about the L9-CM-600W is the very good ripple suppression even for high-end standards, not to mention mainstream. It also has quite nice hold-up time and high efficiency. It is also quite a silent unit, though that is traded off for higher temperatures. And this is the first unit of Aurum or Raider platform I have ever seen with working OTP. On the other hand, as usual, the UVP and OPP do not work at all. It is semi-modular, but uses low-quality capacitors and is only covered by 3-year warranty. In my opinion the Cooler Master G550M is better choice: it has somewhat lower efficiency and 50W lower power output, but that is for 10% lower price (at least locally). And with much better platform which performs well within spec and has all protections working. Plus it is covered by 5-year warranty.


Pros + modular cabling
+ very good ripple suppression
+ 3-year warranty
+ good efficiency
+ OK build quality
+ long hold-up time
+ very silent
Cons bad voltage regulation
over power protection not working
under voltage protection not working
higher temperatures
bad capacitors
Be aware of… /?\


I thank the Be Quiet! company for providing the Be Quiet! Pure Power 9 CM 600 W (L9-CM-600W) unit.


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