Linkworld Stability Power LPJ9-25 420 W review

Introducing the Linkworld Stability Power LPJ9-25 420 W

This time our gutless wonder is from Linkworld, the Stability Power LPJ9-25 420 W. It is the “3*SATA” version as there is multiple versions of this wonder, each seems to be completely different. Linkworld is known to many people as a company making mostly (total) garbage. It is then especially funny from that company to call a unit “Stability Power”. Let’s have a look at how stable this one may be! The warranty provided for the LPJ9-25 is the basic 2-year guaranteed by local law. But who knows what you could expect if this unit burned on you (or even destroyed some other hardware) and you would go to RMA it.


This unit is currently sold in the last shop in Czech republic for a price slightly over 500 CZK. In Germany there is listed a different version, the “2*SATA” which looks different and sells from 28 Euro. That is much more expensive but still in low-end. Funnily enough, LPJ-25 labeled as 450 W sells for just 22 Euro in Germany. Just look at this mess which is actually quite common for such companies. Each container with the “same” units often comes from different company or at least is different internally even if made by the same OEM. As the serial number suggests, this unit is somewhat old, it has been made most likely in 2010. But it is still younger than the previously reviewed cheap Spire wonder.


As I have already covered in the preview, saying it straightly, this unit is a lie from the start. The rails should provide 25 A (+3.3 V), 34 A (+5 V) and 17 A (+12 V), 2 A (stand-by) and 0.8 A (−12 V). That adds to well over 450 W and you can also see it is quite +5 V heavy unit. But taking into account the +3.3/+5V combined limit of 185 W, the unit then only provides 408.6 W! So loading the PSU according to the label (if it was able to provide the power in the first place) it won’t even do those promised 420 W! And that’s not all. The “CE” mark has nothing in common with Conformité Européenne as it has wrong format. It looks more like China Export though even that is not precisely the representation. So the unit lies in being conformative with European legislation right on the first look, I wonder what lies ahead of us now…

Packaging and accessories

The LPJ9-25 has no packing so there is nothing much to write about. You just get the unit to your hand.

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