Modecom launches the S88 Silver units in black color

Modecom has just launched their already available S88 Silver series of 80 PLUS Silver certified power supply units in black color. Since we have not covered this series much yet and it also seems the company took some of our feedback, we can have a quick look on them. As well as most of the others, the S88 Silver is currently produced by SAMA, up until recently only in silver variant though. It uses different platform than of the recently reviewed Volcano 750 Gold, but it is still basically a range of +12V units with DC-DC converters. The S88 Silver series offers two units, 500W (MC-500-S88) and 600W (MC-600-S88).

Modecom S88 Silver

Now Modecom still does not provide proper information about power distribution in their specifications, but there are now at least better pictures of the label on the units themselves. So we can learn that they provide 41 and 48 A from +12 V, which results in almost all the rated power available from this main rail only. The +3.3 and +5V rails offer up to 15 A each (for both units) or 103 W combined, which is more than enough for absolute majority of modern systems. The rest is pretty much the ordinary, 0.3 A/-12 V and 2.5 A/+5 V SB.

The new and old units keep the same chassis, only with different color, which is more like an ordinary one. It is still rounded, but from the sides, not front and rear. So the casing is not so unnecessarilly bulky as the chassis of the Volcano series is. They now also state at least some informations about the flat cabling lenghts, though it could still be better than 24-pin plug: 56 cm, plugs for providing power to memory risers and drives: max 70 cm. So maybe next time.

The carboard box which the new S88 Silver black variant comes in seems to be somewhat more detailed on specifications, so hopefully Modecom indeed made some changes after our feedback. The warranty still stays at only two years though. As the silver variants already sell for quite some time, we can check the prices to learn they are quite cheap at 1200 CZK (56 Euros in Germany, only 170 PLN in Poland) for 500W and 1700 CZK (67 Euros/200 PLN) for the 600watter. The black variant seems to be somewhat more expensive now but that will likely settle down soon.

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