New Enermax RevoBron with DC-DC to replace TriAthlor (Eco)

After the new high-end units, Enermax is also launching new mainstream series, the RevoBron, which is to repalce the TriAthlor series. Although Enermax calls them both superior quality 24/7, 40°C gaming units, my experience with the 300W TriAthlor was not so overwhelming. Besides the unit being priced very high and having crapacitors rather than capacitors, the performance was mediocre at best and than there was only 2year warranty. They realised soon these low rated units have no sense and EoL’d them quite soon. The new RevoBron thus starts with only three models from 500 to 700 W (ERB500AWT, ERB600AWT and ERB700AWT). Although it is not yet confirmed, I believe the CWT is also the OEM of this new series (judging by the casing) most likely based upon GPK, GPM platforms.

Enermax RevoBron

All three units share the same 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency certification as the TriAthlors had, but now they also come with semi-modular cabling. Enermax claims the TriAthlor also came with cable management, which is not true, so they most likely mean the TriAthlor Eco, which indeed did. If other enhancements were also implemented, it may actually have also been much better than the original TriAthlor (which Enermax seems to be kinda forgetting about). But I can not confirm it as I have not seen any of the later TriAthlor Eco units. Anyway, back to the new bronze and semi-modular RevoBron (all the cabling including fixed Main ATX is flat). The warranty is now three years and Enermax even claims it comes with 100 % of japanese capacitors, which is a great step forward.

There is also the Coolergenie module which connects with the PSU itself and allows to drive up to three case fans together with the PSU fan according to its load (or rather, internal temperature as a function of load). The fan inside the RevoBrons uses the usual Twister bearing and also comes with Dust free function. There is not only that, but it seems like these new units actually take use of DC-DC buck regulators, which you will only find in their datasheet, not on the product information page. There is also full set of protections on top of that, including OTP, so at least on paper these units look very good. The recommended prices are set to aprox. 75, 83 and 90 Euros including VAT.

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