New Silverstone products shown at CeBIT are entering market

During the last week or two, Silverstone has officially launched several of the products previously shown at the CeBIT show. Those include two small form factor enclosures, single Full-ATX case and also a new SFX power supply. Let’s start with the ATX case, the Primera PM01. It comes in three different variants: SST-PM01BR-W (black with window and red LED-backlit fan), SST-PM01CR-W (matte black, otherwise same) and SST-PM01WA-W (white with window and blue LED-backlit fan). They come with LED controller for adjustable brightness and modes. As I have already covered at the CeBIT article, this case has no traditional front HDD cages. Instead, there is a large area with only the three 140mm fans in there and HDD positions were moved to the bottom. It can take up to five 2.5″ drives or four 3.5″. There are also three top-mounted fans and single rear fan. Check Silverstone for more details. The RSP is 110.5 Euro.

PM01WA-W_1 PM01WA-W_0 PM01WA-W_2

The other case among the new products is the Raven RVZ01B-E with RSP of 79.7 Euro. This case is largely based on the Raven Z RVZ01 model but now can take ordinary ATX power supply, not only SFX. Otherwise it has positions for up to four 2.5″ drives and a single 13″ graphics card. It also comes preinstalled with two 120mm fans. All this in the size of only 382 × 105 × 350 mm and weight of 3.7 kg.

RVZ01-E_0 RVZ01-E_1

The last and the smallest case (with dimensions of 350 × 99 × 205 mm) is the ML09. With support for Mini-ITX/Mini-DTX motherboards, it can only take SFX power supply, but it has slim optical drive position on the other hand. It comes preinstalled with 120mm fan and has positions for two more 80mm fans. Then it has four 2.5″ positions and also expansion slot for up to 6.9″ cards. The RSP is 60.2 Euro.

ML09_0 ML09_1

The last of the new products is the SX550 (SST-SX550) SFX power supply, specified for full load at 50 °C ambient temperature. This 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V), 550W power supply seems to be made by FSP Group, most likely based on their FSP550-50SGGBA model. It comes with fixed cabling which includes two 6+2pin PCIe connectors (on a single cable). It also has a single +12V rail with up to 45 A, the +5V rail can handle 22 A and the +3.3V rail 21 A (or 120 W combined for both). However, the unit only comes equipped with 80mm fan with maximum speed of 3500 RPM at full load. I think 92mm fan could be quieter.

SST-SX550_0 SST-SX550_1

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