New Silverstone Strider Platinum models available in Europe

Silverstone has just announced the availability of two new additions to its Strider Platinum series of power supplies in Europe. The new models are the ST1000-PT and ST1200-PT, both being manufactured by Enhance Electronics. Both units are 80 PLUS Platinum certified (1, 2, at 115 V) and they’re also both fully modular. And just as with their other high-end units, Silverstone offers a recently extended 5 year warranty for these two units as well. Though compared to competition, that still sits on the lower side of things with regard to the length of warranty periods.


Both the units of course utilize a modern topology with synchronous rectification of only a single +12 V rail. It provides up to 83 and 100 A, respectively. That basically means that the 12V rail’s full rated power output can be drawn in its entirety from one single source. The +3.3 and +5 V rails are then generated using DC-DC modules. They’re capable of supplying 22 and 25 A (or 120 W combined). The stand-by supply can deliver the standard 2.5 amperes.


Both the units are only 18 cm deep which results in high power density especially for the 1.2kW mode (517 W per liter). Thanks to this length they can also acommodate a large fan, in this case a 139mm one. They even offer semi-fanless operation up to roughly 40% load. Than the fan should start spinning at approximately 900 RPM and increase the speed all the way up to 1600 RPM. If it is indeed true, I am afraid the units will not fall in among the silent varieties at full load. For a 139mm fan, 1600 RPM is already quite a high speed.


One notable feature is the magnetic fan filter Silverstone provides with the units, similar to the one packed with the Strider Titanium 600 W we reviewed recently. The recommended selling price is set to 194 and 244 Euros. Both the Strider Platinum units are already available on the market though for a few Euros more, at least at the moment.

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