Preview: Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 550 W

After the newest addition to Corsair line, the RM550x, we have a similar new unit, this time from Be Quiet! brand. It is the new Dark Power Pro P11 in the lowest available power of 550 W. It is based on the previous generation, the P10, which is on the other hand largely based on Aurum Xilenser/Aurum PT, but it has undergone some serious modifications. First, the unit is reduced to half-bridge topology, but still resonant and with true DC-DC converters.


Initially this series was only available from 850 W to 1.2 kW, just recently it has been expanded as low as 550 W. So what stands in front of you is the 550W, 80 PLUS Platinum certified (@115 V) and (almost) fully-modular unit. Unfortunately here we go again with the crazy four +12 V rails, providing 45 A/540 W total; but they may be combined together. The +3.3 and +5 V rails provide 25 and 22 A or 110 W combined. At least we have true DC-DC converters there, unlike the Aurum/92+ platforms. The English text on the sticker also seems somewhat strange.


Be Quiet! provides only 5-year warranty, which is just crazy for the price starting over 4000 CZK or 220 AUD. According to my opinion, Be Quiet! is as always overpricing, you can get 520W fanless units for the same price with even longer warranty. Actually quite many units have longer warranty, and those are often just 80 PLUS Gold certified and quite a bit cheaper. We will see if the Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 550 W is worth it!


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UPDATE: the full review has been published

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