Preview: Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black

The Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black (BG021) is one of four versions of the Pure Base 600 series of midi-towers. The other three are silver (BG022, with about two silver stripes on the front panel, that’s it), black with side panel window (BGW21) and orange/black with window (BGW20). These cases have been introduced only couple months ago and while we obtained a sample by that time, it (as so often) took some time to process it. But here we are. On the first look into Be Quiet!’s portfolio you can see the Pure Base 600 is the smallest enclosure this company has so far, with dimensions of 492 × 220 × 445 mm. The weight is 7.44 kg which would suggest it is not totally made out of paper only.

Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black

It is also the cheapest Be Quiet! chassis so far: on czech market it sells for about 2200 CZK (68 Euros in Germany, 78 USD in the US). Not that it is so much important for a case, but the Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black comes with three-year warranty. There are also two pre-installed Pure Wings 2 fans, 14cm at 900 RPM (front) and 12cm at 1200 RPM (rear). You can add up to one more 14cm front fan and two 14cm/three 12cm top fans. It is possible to connect all of them to manual, three-step speed controller embedded in the case. For further noise reduction there is also noise-dampening material in the sides and front panel.

As for the front panel itself, besides the speed controller switch there are two USB 3.0 ports and two 3.5mm audio jacks. You can see that two external 5.25″ positions are available, together with three 3.5″ and eight 2.5″ internal positions. The PSU mounts to bottom position with some anti-vibration feature and the Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 also does not omit dust filters, one for the PSU and second in the front panel. So far it looks quite nice for the price, more informations coming soon with the full review!

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