Preview: Cooler Master V650 – the fully-modular brother of VS

After some time, we finally have a chance to look at the Cooler Master Vanguard series. In particular, the Cooler Master V650 (RS-650-AFBA-G1). The Vanguard series is the fully-modular brother of the VS (or V Semi Modular) we have already reviewed (the newer revision). The VS has been EoL’d in the meantime, as it most likely did not make sense for Cooler Master to keep multiple semi-modular and fully-modular series among multiple market segments. At the moment, the Vanguard series consists of older Seasonic models (V850, V1000 and V1200) and the newer Enhance models (V550, V650 and V750). So with V650, we will cover the newer series made by Enhance Electronics.

Cooler Master V650

It is likely that it will be quite similar to the V650S with the exception of being fully modular. Otherwise, Cooler Master offers the same 5 year warranty and it is also 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V). With the price of over 3000 CZK (105 Euros in Germany, 120 USD in the US and 155 AUD in Australia) we are clearly in the high-end market segment. All three Enhance-made units are just 150mm deep.

The Cooler Master V650 has just a single powerful +12V rail which delivers up to 54 A (648 W) which basically amounts to the full output of the unit. The +3.3 and +5V rails are generated from this single 12V output using DC-DC buck VRMs. They deliver 25 A and 22 A, respectively, or 120 W combined. Then we only have the usual 0.3A output from -12 V and 2.5 A from the stand-by supply. Cooler Master claims their 12cm Silencio FP fan keeps is speed at just about 600 WPM up to 50% load. Only then it should slowly spin faster up to its maximum of 1200 RPM. I am definitely looking forward to testing that.

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