Preview: Cooler Master V850 – golden platform from Seasonic

After several versions of Cooler Master Vanguard/V Semi Modular units (V550S, revised V550S and the V650) ve are finally closing the saga with Cooler Master V850. This is member of the originally introduced batch of 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V) units ranging from 700 to 850 W, and two 1kW/1.2kW Platinum certified models. All of these were made by Seasonic, based upon their KM3 revision of the X series platform (while Enhance Electronics produces the VS and later V models). These units are on the market already for some time (about 4 years), but I think we will find they still perform good. Besides, it is a good opportunity to actually look at the KM3 platform.

The Cooler Master V850 is currently available for slightly less than 4000 CZK here (about 190 AUD down under, somewhat over 160 Euros in Germany and 180 USD in the US). Cooler Master covers the Vanguard series with 5year warranty. This series is also fully modular and uses the 135mm Silencio FP fan with few very long blades and fluid dynamic (self-lubricating) bearing. Only quality capacitors from japanese brands are used and as we know Seasonic, the cabling most likely has gold-plated connectors. There is also full set of protections, including OTP and OCP.

Cooler Master V850

As for the power distribution, the single powerfull +12V rail provides 70 A, or 840 W, so about the full rated output. The +3.3 and +5 V rails use DC-DC buck regulators fed from the +12 V, each providing 25 A (or 125 W combined). We than have 0.5 A maximum from the -12 V rail and 3 A from the stand-by supply. The company claims the voltage regulation is within 1 % (though they use image showing ripple and noise for comparison) so I am looking forward to check how well the Cooler Master V850 copes with such statement.

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