Preview: Corsair CX550M – farewell, group design

The newest version of the semi-modular CX series from Corsair arrived to the scene almost a year ago. I have been making inquiries as to its details and have also been attempting to obtain a sample for some time now, and luckily it has finally happened. So we have an opportunity to check out the Corsair CX550M (RPS0028, or CP-9020102) unit. The main upgrade over the old CX series with its now obsolete group design is that this unit is now also a 12V power supply. The minor two positive rails use DC-DC buck converters which draw their power from this 12V output. Thanks to this, the unit should have much better voltage regulation, ripple suppression etc., (in other words, it should meet all expectations for a newer modeal).

Corsair CX550M

As with the previous version, the Corsair CX550M is also 80 PLUS Bronze certified (@115 V). The warranty has been extended to 5 years, while the price remains low at less than 1900 CZK (under 60 euros in Germany, 93 AUD in Australia or 60 USD in the US, now even at a discount for 40 after rebate). One of its main competitors may be the Cooler Master G550M which came to market before the new CXM series.

So as already stated, the Corsair CX550M can output all the power on its single +12V rail. The +3.3V rail provides up to 25 A and the +5V up to 20A, or 120W combined. The -12V rail is also quite powerful at 0.8 A while the stand-by rail provides up to 3 A. Very interesting figures indeed. The upgrades however have not been all encompassing, as far as the protections go, whereas we still only have OPP, and not OCP and OTP like the higher-end G550M has. Not sure bout you, but I am already looking forward to see how the Corsair CX550M does compares to the Cooler Master unit we just reviewed.

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