Preview: Corsair HX750i, the step above RMi

Just recently we published a review of the Corsair RM550x. The RMx series is based on the RMi, it is basically the same but lacks the Link functionality. And the RMi is in turn based on the HXi series, just with lower efficiency. The HXi series is intended for a specific part of higher-powered applications as it has units only ranging from 750 W to 1.2 kW. And today, we are going to look at the Corsair HX750i. This unit is already on the market for some time as it was introduced in third quarter of 2014. Current price is starting at slightly more than 4300 CZK (153 Eur in Germany, 235 AUD in Australia and 150 USD in USA).

Corsair HX750i outter view

As you can expect, this 750W unit is fully modular (as both the RMi/RMx) and provides semi-fanless operation (according to the box, up to 300 W output) as well. As it has higher efficiency, it is 80 PLUS Platinum certified (@115 V) and Corsair provides 7-year warranty, as for the golden units. A 135mm fan is used with slightly higher airflow (but supposedly the same maximum speed) to keep this unit well-cooled even at the rated 50 °C ambient temperature. Now it is an actual FDB (fluid-dynamic bearing) fan over the previous rifle bearing. That means it has slightly superior type self-lubricating sleeve bearing which should reach longer lifetime.


We can see the Corsair HX750i has basically the same power distribution as the RM550x. The reason behind this is that the DC-DC converters in use are the same. So they both provide 25 A for +3.3 and +5 V, only that now they are rated as 150 W combined. But I do not really think there is any reason not to draw full power (more than 200 W) from both anyway. The +12V rail is bumped up to 62.5 A (or the full power output of 750 W), −12 V and +5 V stand-by are kept the same.


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