Preview: Corsair SF600 – 600W semi-fanless SFX unit

Lately, Corsair has been projecting a very strong presence in the power supply market. One of the lesser-known segments of their PSU division which hasn’t been covered until recently is their SFX format line. That has changed with their new family of SFX units, consisting of the SF450 and SF600. Their introduction of these new models two has certainly come as a shock to their competitors. That means to say that clearly even this initial foray by Corsair into the SFX segment has resulted in two quite buff models with lots of features. Lets look specifically at the Corsair SF600 (CP-9020105).

This unit is, as well as its weaker brother, 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V) for continuous operation under 50 °C. Anf if that in itself doesn’t impress, consider that these units are also fully-modular and also semi-fanless!! Corsair claims the SF600 will run passively-cooled at up to 120 W of output power and only then should the fan should start spinning slowly. All the capacitors in the Corsair SF600 unit should be quality ones, and it’s also covered by a 7 year warranty. All that for a price starting at aprox. 3200 CZK (105 Euros in Germany, 120 USD in the US and 164 AUD in Australia).

The Corsair SF600 comes with only a single +12V output rail wich delivers the full power output of 600 W. The +3.3 and +5 V rails, which emanate from the +12 V through DC-DC module, provide 20 A each or 120 W combined. Then we have the usual values of 0.3 A for the -12 V and 2.5 A for the +5V stand-by. While certainly not the most inexpensive unit on the market, once you consider its specifications, the Corsair SF600 seems very appealing. Please stay tuned for the upcoming full review!

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