Preview: Crono PS350N – do not this cover!

I have been shopping for some small things so I ordered another gutless wonder with it so it was worth the travel to the shop. And so we have some more fun. I selected this Crono PS350N, which is a 350W unit from what seems to be a Czech brand. It’s another generic Chinese unit though I have some feeling it may come from one of large chain of factories as it looks pretty much same as all the other El Cheapos. This one costs under 500 CZK here incl. VAT, that’s less than 20 USD. It sells also in Poland for less than 95 PLN.

Crono PS350N

Besides the funny sticker (Do not this cover. Grin) the Crono PS350N has nothing. No PCIe, no efficiency rating (I expect another half-bridge with 75 % peak efficiency), there is not even PFC in this unit. So it is another crap which should not exist on the market as there is no way it can pass on harmonics, but hey, only law-abiding citizens, kinda, eh, abide the laws and regulations. Not these firms…

It has 12cm fan so there is a chance it will not melt down and actually provide most of the power, being only rated at 350 W. Well if it’s not too slow anyway. Though who knows, according to the label, the sum of all the rails only adds to 347 watts. These units will never stop being funny…

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