Preview: Enermax MaxPro 600 W (EMP600AGT)

Enermax MaxPro series is on the market for about a year now. It is entry-level mainstream series consisting of four units ranging from 400 to 700 W. I have been asked by few readers to have a look at it as it is quite cheap series yet covered by three-year warranty and having 80 PLUS 230V EU certification, which equals to standard 80 PLUS Bronze (@115 V), but these units are only designed to work with 230V input.


From this series I have obtained the MaxPro 600 W (EMP600AGT) unit. This model can be bought for as cheap as 1550 CZK or 54 Eur in Germany.  These units are made by Channel Well Technology, seems like GPM platform to me. This is standard group design. It is already possible to get better design for such money, but Enermax is pointing the budget to different direction. As you can see, in the name of lower noise the unit is equipped with wire fan grille and Enermaxes own fan.


The MaxPro also has a single +12V rail providing over 550 W and both +3.3/+5 V rails capable of delivering 20 A (120 W combined). Otherwise we have the ordinary 0.3 A at -12 V and 2.5 A from stand-by rail. More information soon, stay tuned!


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