Preview: Modecom Volcano 750 Gold – mainstream unit with high-end features

It took a while but I managed to obtain a retail unit based upon SAMA gold platform. I had some prototypes in my hands, they looked promising though showed some problems back then. This particular unit is from the polish company Modecom which I met last year at CeBIT as they are lately expanding out of Poland (they already sell their units in north-east Europe as it seems). It is the Modecom Volcano 750 Gold (ZAS-MC90-SM-750-ATX-VOLCANO-GOLD), a 750 W, 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V) unit. They choose it because SAMA can deliver lot of high-end features for very low price. The Modecom Volcano 750 Gold sells for less than 2500 CZK (over 380 PLN in Poland), that is deep in mainstream segment according to my price-per-watt diversification.

Modecom Volcano 750 Gold

For this low price the unit not only has high efficiency, but it is also fully-modular. There are quite long (which is not so common for cheaper models), flat cables provided with the unit. It of course has modern topology with single +12V output (up to 744 watts) and DC–DC regulators for +3.3 and +5 V rails. However, as the price is really low, it is balanced with corners cut elsewhere.

The Modecom Volcano 750 Gold is only covered by the very basic 2-year warranty which is quite poor in my opinion. The capacitors are only Taiwanese from Teapo, as Modecom admits on the box. Though for the price, it could be even worse, so Teapo may actually still be a positive marketing point. As SAMA developed this strange casing and the unit’s board is also not particularly small, the unit is unnecessarily large and heavy so it may also not fit in every case. Will there be more flaws and is the Modecom Volcano 750 Gold a good buy for the price? Stay tuned for the review!

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