Preview: Be Quiet! Pure Power 9 CM 600 W

Today’s candidate for preview is the Be Quiet! Pure Power 9 CM 600 W unit. It will be launched this week on 22nd, but it has been already showcased on the CeBIT 2016 show in Hannover, where we’ve seen it. This series is manufactured by FSP group and based on its Raider platform (cheaper spin-off of the Aurum platform). Even though these platforms are definitelly not high-end-worthy, it is now finally being sold for mainstream price (as one of the first units, next to the Raider themselves).

Pure Power 9 CM 600 W outter view

That means this 80 PLUS Silver certified unit should cost the same or lower than the L8 CM, that is 2300 CZK (81 Eur). The Pure Power 9 CM series is also semi-modular (Main ATX and ATX 12 V cabling is fixed) and backed by 3-year warranty. It is worth noting the HEC/Compucase-made L8 CM was nothing spectacular so compared to that even the Raider is an upgrade. So here we have the FSP’s familiar active clamp forward group topology with separate, actively-rectified rails.


It has two +12V rails (32 and 28 A) with 48 A/576W combined. The +3.3 can supply 25 A, +5 V than 18 A (and 140 W for both combined). Then there is 0.3 A on −12 V and 3 A from +5 V SB. As usually, Be Quiet! is providing their own Silent Wings fan with wire grille. There is even an orange rubber bolster to suppress vibrations. I am not sure if I will manage to publish the review on the 22nd directly, but it will definitely be next week. Stay tuned!


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