Preview: Seasonic S12G 550 W (SSR-550RT)

The 80 Plus Gold (@115 V) certified Seasonic S12G 550 W is one of the later Seasonic units. As I have already reviewed multiple of these units elsewhere, I can directly say the S12G is basically an offshoot of the G series without modular cabling. The Antec TruePower Classic (TP-550C) is exactly the same unit, and bulk/OEM SSP-550RT is just a stripped-down S12G (or SSR-550RT) with some savings (worse capacitors, unpainted casing etc.).


It is actually a +12 V unit with one high-power (45A) +12 V rail with DC-DC modules for +3.3/+5 V rails (20 A each or 100 W combined) and I think it is fair to presume we will see pretty the same results in terms of voltage regulation and ripple suppression. Which is not that good for DC-DC modules, mediocre at best and much worse than what Seasonic Platinum lineup (or many competition units) show. On the other hand, it has 5-year warranty (through Seasonic or your seller directly, but watch carefully as many resellers only offer the minimum warranty required by law) starting at approx. 2400 CZK, or 115 AUD.


Good news though, it has entirely good capacitors, with mostly Nippon Chemi-Con (sometimes some Rubycon or Hitachi) and some Enesol Enecap (or possibly also Chemi-con) polymers. Otherwise, it is the same higher mainstream/lower high-end design yet again. Including its worst flaw, over-power protection set too high resulting in a possible scenario when the unit burns before the OPP kicks in. While it is easy to do this on my artificial load tester, it may still be replicated even with standard computer, when the right conditions are met.

I have burned two units based on this platform already, do you think this will be another victim? Discuss in our forums!

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UPDATE: the review has been published