Preview: SilentiumPC Enduro FM1 550 W (SPC118)

Today we are finally going to have a look at another SilentiumPC unit, namely the Enduro FM1 550 W (SPC118). I say finally as I have had this unit for quite some time already (as usual). Upon the first glance, you can’t say anything else other than it looks marvelous. It is 80 PLUS Gold 230V EU certified (as it is only intended for 200-240V input), which is equivalent to 80 PLUS Platinum at 115 V. It also comes with a 5 year warranty (3 year standard, plus another two years upon registering), as well as fully-modular cabling. Plus it is very short – the depth is just 140 mm, so you can squeeze it into many small cases. But that’s not all.


The fan runs very quiet, and its speed should stay at approx. 500 RPM all they way up to 300W. Only then should it increase up to approx. 1000 RPM. I have also been informed that after the first production batch, all subsequently built units have japanese (wet) electrolytic capacitors. All that for the price of just 2400 CZK in the Czech Republic at the moment. But in Poland the unit can be bought for under 350 PLN which when converted to CZK means the Enduro FM1 550 W may very well fall into mainstream segment in terms of pricing!!


Of course it’s also equipped with a full set of protections including over-temperature protection. The unit has a single +12V rail (45 A or 540 W max) with DC-DC modules for the +3.3 and +5 V rails. Those provide 20 A/18 A or 105 W combined. The stand-by rail provides the usual 2.5 A, and the -12 V has 0.3 A. Stay tuned, if the Enduro FM1 550 W performs as well as it looks, it will be a kicker!!

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