Preview: Silverstone PS14 – if it ain’t spam, it’s not ham

Here at Hardware Insights, we recently received an unexpected surprise in the form of an offer of a new model of case for review that is due to be released by Silverstone in North America shortly. The Silverstone PS14 promotional literature describes this case as “…compatible with nearly all high-end, large CPU coolers on the market while also offering plenty of room for top of the line graphics cards.”. Fortunately, for our readers, we’ll delve deep into these claims in our upcoming review.

Silverstone PS14

At the moment, I can’t find this case for sale anywhere in North America, but looking at a few online Taiwanese stores puts its price somewhere in-line with its predecesor, the PS13, at around $30-$40USD.

The Silverstone PS14 is a clean-cut case with a minimalistic profile. Initially, we requested the PS13 for review, as we were looking to review something that would be considered perhaps by those who were looking to provide a professional looking case for an office customer. We were then kindly made aware of and then subsequently generously offered its newly-released successor — the PS14.

Silverstone describes this particular case in the included product literature as a …”humble, entry-level product… that match those [features] of other mainstream high-end chassis”. The case does indeed include a compartmentalized section for the PSU which is almost completely closed off from the rest of the case (by design). The case has a plastic bezel with a steel body.

Other features include support for water cooling radiators as well as an additional front 80mm fan for the drive cages besides the two 120mm/140mm mounting positions. As far as radiators go, Silverstone says that it supports a front single 240mm radiator as well as a single rear 120mm or 140mm radiator.

As far as drives go, the Silverstone PS14 only supports 1 external 5.25″ drive. There is however space for two 3.5″ drives internally, as well as two 2.5″ drives which mount to the back of the motherboard tray.

In our upcoming review, we aim to test whether this latest budget offering from Silverstone will stand up to scrutiny vis-à-vis their claim that it can compete with other higher-end offerings. Please check back later to find out.

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