Preview: Silverstone Strider Titanium 600 W

We have recently informed about the newly launched Silverstone Strider Titanium 600 W (SST-ST60F-TI) unit. And here we have a sample! The unit is both the smallest Titanium unit on the market, and also the one with lowest rated power to yet achieve this efficiency. The Chinese Great Wall already has 550W unit certified, but I don’t think it was ever on sale; similar situation is with 600W unit from Super Flower. This model is already on sale and with square dimensions of 150 × 86 × 150 it is almost of the original ATX size. It is not yet on Czech market, but in Germany it can be found from 140 Eur (255 AUD in Australia or 180 USD in the US). The warranty from Silverstone however only is three years.

Silverstone Strider Titanium 600 W

This new model is of course utilizing platform with only single +12V internal rail, providing up to 49 A. Also two DC-DC modules are fed from this rail for +3.3 and +5 V output with 20 A each (or 100 W combined). These are the usual numbers, as well as the stand-by supply with 2.5 A. Though we can see there is still the strange “this machine is not user serviceable and dangerous high voltage inside this case” text. Seems like something’s missing in there…


This 600W Strider Titanium comes with fully-modular cabling and Silverstone even provides rubber covers for unused connectors. This is nice and you can see there is something new you can add to common things even today. It also has a special connector for voltage sense feedback to provide better regulation. Though I do not think the cooling perforations on the back side are exactly a good option, this means the unit will be injecting warm air back into the PC chassis. Let’s see how the Strider Titanium works out!


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