Preview: Topower SilentEZ 350W – modular low-end

The unit we have here today is an interesting one. It is the semi-modular Topower SilentEZ 350W model. Many have forgotten this brand, but Topower still seems to be alive and kicking. I am only not sure if they still have their own manufacturing line, or outsource elsewhere. Anyway, Topower has newer SilentEZ models in their current portfolio (TOP-xx0SE), but those are “second edition”. The one we have here bears no such shortened model name, it is still the first generation.

Topower SilentEZ 350W

This particular Topower SilentEZ 350W piece has been made most likely in 2008 so it is already a very old piece. It can be found at sale-out for slightly over 500 CZK, that is about 20 US dollars (or somewhat under 20 Euros). For that price the unit only comes with 2-year warranty. Topower however claims it can reach up to 80% efficiency which is quite believable. The platform is rather OK as it uses the ordinary active PFC and two-transistor forward topology. So at the very least it should be safe, unlike many of the gutless wonders you can still buy for similar price.

Topower claims the unit has two 20A +12V rails (24 A or 288 W combined) which is still reasonable for even current systems. After all, it is made according to ATX 2.3. The +3.3V rail provides 21 A and the +5 V up to 18 A, or 120 W combined for both. Then there are the usual figures of 0.3 A for −12 V and 2.5 A for stand-by supply. There is however no explicit mention of OCP (or any other protections for that matter) so the figure about the 12V rails may be more like marketing than anything else. These things always make me curious, so stay tuned for the full Topower SIlentEZ 350W review!

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