Preview: Zalman ZM500-GVM – High Power mainstream platform

We have already had a look at the current High Power (Sirtec/Sirfa) Golden platform in two different forms (namely, the Silverstone Strider Gold S/Gold V2.0 550 and SilentiumPC Supremo M1 Gold 550 W). Today we’re going to have a quick preliminary glance at the newest addition to the GVM series from Zalman, the Zalman ZM500-GVM. The GVM series has only been previously available in 850 W and 1 kW, but just very recently it has been updated with newer models ranging from 500 W to 700 W, and now we’re pleased to have the 500W version in our posession. This series is based on current modular mainstream platform from Sirtec.


I don’t yet have any idea of its exact price, but judging from the prices of its older companion models, this should fall in the range of most other mainstream units, which means under 2000 CZK (or 110 AUD). True to its price bracket, the unit offers semi-modular cabling (the 24-pin ATX and the ATX 12 V are fixed) and 80 PLUS Bronze certification (@115 V). Zalman also covers the unit with a 5 year warranty.


As you can see, the “Zalman ZM500-GVM” label is bordered in green. It’s worth noting that each different model has a varying color. This one lists 37.5 A (or 450 W) as the maximum for the lone +12 V rail, 20 A per +3.3/+5 V (103 W combined) and 2.5 A for the stand-by supply. We shall see how it stands up to scrutiny…stay tuned!


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