Preview: Zalman ZM750-EBT – synchronnous golden platform

So after the two not-so-successful units from Zalman (ZM500-GVM and ZM600-GVM), here we have one which may be able to fix the company’s reputation. It is the Zalman ZM750-EBT, a model from the EBT series. Once again, this unit is from Sirtec (Sirfa/High Power), but this time the platform is much more up-to-date. It is actually the Astro platform evolution we have already seen twice (in the Silverstone Strider Gold S/Gold V2.0 550 W and the SilentiumPC Supremo M1 Gold 550 W). Only this time, it is 750W version.

Zalman ZM750-EBT outter view

So what now stands in front of us is an 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V) semi-modular unit. This platform uses synchronous rectification for only one output rail – the +12 V, which can provide 62.5 A (the full output power of 750 W). The minor rails +3.3 and +5 V are then generated using DC-DC converter modules and provide 22 A each or 120 W combined. Stand-by rail can provide up to 3 A but the −12 V rail only 0.3 A.


The Zalman ZM750-EBT is currently priced from about 3300 CZK (120 Eur, 190 AUD, 130 USD). And the good thing is that Zalman now covers this unit with 7-year warranty! In Korea it is even longer (10 years). They also seem to think about the silence so you might notice the unit’s fan surface is covered by dimples much like a golf ball. This is one of many methods to try to decrease aerodynamic noise and increase fan performance. As with the previous units, the blue color is connected with this Zalman ZM750-EBT, different versions have different color schemes.

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