Prospekt: Adrian Shephard back in action

Enemies and conclusion


There is nothing really new about the enemies you meet here. Some antlions, headcrabs of course, an occasional zombie (or zombine) as stated before. Or a barnacle, too. Its all mostly about Combine soldiers, the standard and elite units, though. And yeah, the hunters.

I hardly think the AI has changed, though at some places it was almost unplayable even for me. With highest difficulty that is. Any pack of hunters is always a problem, but having so many of them in very closed room is really an extreme. Overall I have the feeling that to increase the difficulty, as there is little to do about the AI from Richard’s side, he just placed the enemies to much better positions (tactics-wise).

Lots of them! I mean, there was almost always a place to hide in Half Life 2, but here, when you arrive with elevator and they start swarming you right away, with pretty much no cover…or in the Orbital Sector lobby, almost no cover and soldiers with pulse rifles emerging from several sides, wave after wave…man, that was a massacre!

The final fight was also quite a challenge. I mean, sure, it makes sense that they defend the main reactor with everything they have, but still, with highest difficulty, you make very little damage (while taking quite much of it). Combine that with little ammo, only few health kits and wave after wave after wave…from two sides…took me a while to realize why the heck the reactor is still not blowing up :D


Well, the most difficult thing is here, drawing some conclusion of all this. I think the game is nice. Yes, it is not perfect, it is not Half Life 2. But being a fan project, it is already quite good, as it is. And Richard (or rather his team now) keeps working on it, so it will also get better in time…about how many current games you can say that? When them developers often release unfinished game (yet calling it a finished one) and instead of bothering to repair at least the worst bugs, they just launch another one? Even without the Black forrest part, it is still nice already. It took me only about half a day to walk through it, on the other hand after playing HL2 so many times now, I am kinda veteran in these games (though I hardly call myself a professional gamer).

So if you are similar person to me, the Prospekt will likely only be a one-day action for you. Other people could spend about a weekend with it. On the other hand, it does not cost much, only 9.99 (euro)bucks with (ir)regular discounts. So while it is not long, it is cheap so I think the price/value ratio is still high. Actually the fact itself that Valve approved this and let it sell through Steam should mean it is not a total garbage. The question is, whetheer they will also take the story of Prospekt as canon for future releases, as it seems that Valve had no real plans for Adrian Shephard to reappear…but when he did…we still all hope for Half Life 3, right, Valve? RIGHT? Cause I think the story is genius and Valve can pretty much keep making great games outta it for the next half a century…if they wanted. And frankly, I don’t care about no frelling Steam-shoe-boxes, keep the Half Life coming instead!

If not, well, I hope people like Richard Seabrook will keep us supplied instead. Cause I really enjoyed playing the Prospekt. Isn’t that what games are about in the end? I can only wish for Richard that the next project he is working on will be at least equally good. If you’ll be reading it, keep us posted about the progress mate!


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