Be Quiet! launches the Pure Power 10 series

Be Quiet! has launched the newest incarnation of the Pure Power series, the Pure Power 10 and Pure Power 10 CM (version with semi-modular cabling). After the not-so-good performing Pure Power 9, based upon the old FSP Raider series, this new one takes use of DC–DC buck regulation from single +12V output rail (for the +3.3 and +5 V rails). That is, for the units starting at 400 W (both modular and non-modular). These are 80 PLUS Silver certified. There are also 300W and 350W units with fixed cabling, only 80 PLUS Bronze certified and as it seems, without the regulation. These are based upon ordinary group-design platforms, totally different from the remaining ones and any Raider platform.

Be Quiet! Pure Power 10 CM 400 W

So in particular, there are six fixed-cabling models: 300W (BN270), 350W (BN271), 400W (BN272), 500 W (BN273), 600W (BN274) and 700W (BN275). The modular Pure Power 10 CM only has four models, 400W–700W (BN276–BN279). All the units have two +12V output rails which range from 18 A/18 A to 36 A/30 A depending on the total power. The +3.3 and +5 V rails then range from 21/15 A to 25/20 A. Be Quiet! state that all the Pure Power 10 models have full set of protections, including OCP and OTP.

They also all have 120mm rifled sleeve bearing fan, the same one the Pure Power 9 had. Be Quiet! already has the units in shops for a while, the cheapest street prices range from under 47 Euro to <90 Euro for the fixed cabling ones, and 62 to 97 Euros for the modular ones. All ten units are covered by 3-year warranty.

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