Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black: the smallest BQ! case yet

Introducing the Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black

The Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black (BG021) is the smallest computer enclosure from this company so far. With the dimensions and the series name itself, compared to power supply units, it is clearly intended for middle part of the mainstream market, as well as many other cases we have reviewed so far. The price of this midi-tower somewhat oscillates through time so it is difficult to state exact amount. Currently, it is priced at less than 2000 CZK in Czech republic (a decrease of 10 % in last week, though in Germany the price increased to 72 Euros; in the US it is steady at 78 USD). So it positioned somewhere in between the SilentiumPC Aquarius M60W and last-time reviewed Supermicro GS50-000R. The Pure Base 600 Black comes with three-year warranty.

Size Midi-tower
Motherboard size Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, Full-ATX
Color/variants fully black; black with silver stripes; black with side window; black-orange with side window
Size 220 × 492 × 470 mm (W × L × H, incl. stands)
Skelet material SECC plate, 0.8 and 0.9-1 mm
Side material SECC plate, 0.7-0.8 mm
Front panel material (brushed) plastic
Weight (incl. fans) 7.32 kg
Positions 5.25″ 2× external
Positions 3.5″ 3× internal
Positions 2.5″ 8× internal
PSU type ATX
Fan positions 2× 14 cm front, 1× 12 cm rear, 2× 14 cm/3× 12 cm top
Occupied positions 1× 14 cm front, 1× 12 cm rear
Front/upper panel 2× USB 3.0, jack input/output, fan speed regulator control

We can see that the weight is comparable to the last few cases we have reviewed and also the dimensions are more or less in the same range. The Pure Base 600 Black is the widest of them so far though. This may help accommodating taller CPU heatsinks. As well as the Aquarius M60W, the Pure Base 600 Black also has embedded fan speed controller (with three fixed-speed steps).

Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black

Packaging and accessories

The front side of the box shows us a drawing of the case from the front and side together with some very basic text information beneath.

The rear side however shows a detailed drawing of all the case parts you get with it, this is very nice. There is also a short text promoting the main features in five major languages.

One of the sides carries a table with detailed specifications.

The packaging is fairly typical: plastic bag and two polystyrene blocks which the case sits in between.

The accessories include a manual, different types of screws (incl. thumbscrews) and few velcro ties.

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