Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black: the smallest BQ! case yet


The front plastic panel comes with thin, but dense material which helps dampening noise coming from inside the case. You can see it is actually present even on the 5.25″ positions covers. Notice the parts on the sides – those are removable holders of the mesh for venting I have mentioned before. Be Quiet! calls the mesh a fan filter, though in my opinion it is still too crude to filter much of anything.

After removing the front panel, you can see that the button/connector panel is a sepparate part, mounted to the chassis, while the front is than basically just a lid over it. It also hides couple screws of the removable 5.25″ cage and of course the fan positions. You can mount two 12- or 14cm fans in there, if you only choose one it can be moved few centimeters up or down. Notice also the hard-drive caddies with large openings to allow air through the case.

The noise-dampening material is also glued to the internal side of the side panels, you can see detail of it on the picture below.

The top cover from the other side shows also some of this material, plus the clips I have mentioned.

A look into the case reveals the internal configuration with large opening in the motherboard tray (for easy CPU cooling installation) and also lots of openings for cable management. On the right side there is the 5.25″ cage and also 3.5″ HDD caddies.

There are some rubber spacers on the bottom of the case, under power supply (to dumpen vibrations of its fan). It is apparent on the detailed view below that some of the most commonly used standoff screws are pressed into the motherboard tray from the factory so you do not need to install them on your own.

The other side of the Pure Base 600 shows us two 2.5″ caddies attached to the motherboard tray. It is somewhat strange that Be Quiet! states there is total of  positions while I can only see two. They possibly mean to mount two 2.5″ drives into each of the 3.5″ caddies which indeed totals eight. There are attachment points around most of the motherboard tray openings so you can tie cables there. The already present cable pack (for the fans and front panel) is actually factory tied with two wire ties already. For the rear fan there is one cable holder just over it while the front fan(s) can use some of the extra front openings especially for them. Still despite so many openings the whole tray plate is reasonably sturdy.

We will have a closer look at the caddies later, but I can state here you can reconfigure their location between five different positions, or only use one or two of the three provided. Each of them uses three thumbscrews to attach to the Pure Base 600 skelet. As you can see, they are opened through so you can mount/access devices in them from both of their ends.

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