Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 Black: the smallest BQ! case yet

Cooling & component installation

We have already discussed the front mount positions so lets jump to the fans directly. The rear 12cm fan is Pure Wings 2 model PUW2-12025-LS-12 rated at 1200 RPM. It’s maximum airflow is given at 70.84 m3/h with pressure of 0.9 mm of water column and noise of 16.8 dBA.

The front 140mm fan is PUW2-14025-LS-9 rated at 900 RPM, 94.80 m3/h, 0.6 mm and 17.1 dBA. Be Quiet! states that MTBF of both is 80000 hours at 25 °C. You can connect these two and a maximum of two additional fans to the internal fan speed controller, unless you use a splitter of course.

The only actual dust filter in the Pure Base 600 is this one under the power supply. It is the usual plastic grille in a molded plastic frame. As we have seen before, it is easy to remove and clean.

The metal part which forms a 5.25″ cage together with the motherboard tray has similar shape as the one in Zalman Z9 Neo has, but it is totally different league. First, much more screws hold the whole thing together. And than the material is also thicker so the whole cage is much more solid. There are no clips or other mechanism for quick drive installation though.

The caddy for 2.5″ drives is quite simple, just a piece of bent metal sheet with openings for little airflow and a thumbscrew.

The 3.5″ caddies on the other hand are actually full enclosures to put a drive (or as suggested, two 2,5″ drives) inside. They have no easy/tool-less mounting clips either, you have to attach everything with screws. There are also large openings on both top and bottom for some extra airflow.

But most of the airflow comes from the front fan(s), for that there are five openings as we have actually seen before. Notice the rubber in the 3.5″ screw openings in an attempt to lower the transfer of vibrations from the drives to the case.

I have encountered no problem installing components into the case. The top fan positions are quite easy to access even with motherboard in the case.

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