Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 700 W CM (E10-CM-700W) review

Introducing the Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 700 W CM (E10-CM-700W)

After reviewing a top high-end unit from Be Quiet!, namely the Dark Power Pro P11 550 W, we are now going to take a look at a middle high-end series from this same brand. Specifically, it’s the Straight Power 10 CM, and in this instance, we have in our posession a 700W model, the E10-CM-700W. It is currently priced at 3500 CZK (120 Eur in Germany, 169 AUD in Australia, 170 USD in the US). Be Quiet! covers it with a 5 year warranty, which at this moment is on the shorter side of things, considering that the competition is offering as much as up to 10 years on their units.


This platform is a custom design based largely on the Aurum platform from FSP Group. The terrible group design has been improved to one with better regulation. So while it’s still a semi-group design with multiple (independent) transformer windings, they each have independent rectification driving them. Thanks to that, we can finally expect some reasonable voltage regulation. This unit is 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V) as is the original Aurum. It is worth mentioning the 500W and 600W units are based on yet different platform with DC-DC modules this time. So the review of this 700W model does not say anything about their performance, remember that.


As you can see, this unit offers four +12 V output rails (56 A combined), which is what we usually see from Be Quiet!. Both of the minor positive rails are quite heavy though providing 25 A each (or 150 W combined). Also, the -12V and stand-by rails are slightly above average with 0.5 and 3 A respectively. According to Be Quiet!, the E10-CM-700W comes with a full set of protections, including OTP.

Packaging and accessories

This E10-CM-700W unit comes in a medium-sized black box, and on the front side is listed some of its more basic specs. There is some more miscellaneous information on the other sides, but nothing too important.


More information can be found on the back side where we have some diagrams of the included cabling and their lengths, plus a power distribution table. Be Quiet! uses a plastic bubble-wrap bag for protection of the unit during shipping. There’s also a cardboard cutout in the box which ostensibly keeps it centered in the box during movement, and on both sides are cables and other various accessories.


As for the extras, we have a power cord, some zip ties and all the modular cables, as well as some velcro ties to keep everything neat, and for that the unit gets and extra point. There’s also a manual and some mounting screws.


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