Repairing PSU: Chieftec CFT-750-14C


For the first time, we are taking a look into one bad computer power supply unit. Even better units than the el-cheapo (or gutless wonders), often even the high-end ones, go bad in time. We have already looked at a few displays and it is quite similar with power supplies, among the most common problems are bad capacitors. Usually the symptoms are instability, freezing, then problems with powering up until the unit does not come alive before many restarts or the common “warming” procedure (whatever insanity it is).


The first candidate is the Chieftec CFT-750-14C, an old 750W 80 PLUS certified (@115 V) semi-modular unit made by Channel Well Technology. It is a former high-end model capable of providing acceptable efficiency of almost Bronze level at 230 V, OK even for today standards, as can be seen in an old X-bit labs review (the flimsiness is because of reviewing ten units in a single article).


This unit has four +12V rails with 720 W maximum output, that is nice while also providing interesting power at +3.3 and +5 V rails. However, as it is group regulated combined with heavier load on these rails, it would need at least a few hard drives in today’s computers to keep these rails loaded. As has been stated, the unit uses semi-modular cabling with Main ATX, ATX 12 V and some PCIe cables fixed while EPS, more PCIe and all the peripheral cables are modular.


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