Repairing display: BenQ G2020HD


The BenQ G2020HD is a 20” display with a resolution of 1600×900 pixels, that means it’s categorized as a more modern 16:9 aspect ratio screen. It uses a TN matrix so it has quick response time of 5 ms and has quite a high contrast of 1000:1 (dynamic 40000:1). It has both analog (D-Sub) and digital (DVI) inputs.


This one in particular dates from 2010 and was produced in China, so it fell into my hands approximately four years after its manufacture. The most immediate symptom was that apart from there being no image at all, the LED was blinking, and that was the only indication of life. So lets check what’s inside, shall we? Apart from seperating the seam around the plastic frame, there was really nothing else involved in opening this one up.


The next step is to unplug the menu button board cable…


…the LVDS cable…


And finaly the CCFL tube cables. Note that there are only two tubes, one on the bottom, and one on the top. Usually there are two pairs of tube sockets, for a total of four sockets. Perhaps this is why the screen is thinner than usual.

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