Samsung Series 3 XE303C12-A01US Chromebook Review

Now, let’s focus a little more on the software. To set it up, I pressed the power button, waited all of ten seconds, and was asked which language to use, and which WiFi network I wanted to use. Then I needed to input my Google Account credentials. It checked for updates, didn’t find any, and that was it. So easy. That’s why this is perfect for children, grandparents, and as most people’s first computer.

Google Chrome is an intuitive, fast browser like usual. I recently switched from Firefox to Chrome on all of my desktops and laptops (a surprise, since I’m know to be a Firefox-loving, Mozilla-donating, Firefox-shirt-owning, red panda fanboy)… web pages render correctly, web standards are adhered to, and YouTube videos work the first time, without asking me to install or update Flash Player.

I have yet to notice it but supposedly Chromebooks have built-in Google Anti-Virus. That’s great, but this system would already be plenty secure without it, thanks for the Linux core powering Chrome OS and the various steps Google takes to ensure the bootloader and firmware of the Chromebook aren’t compromised.

But the Chromebook is nothing without a good internet connection. Want to type a document? You need internet for that. Want to listen to music? You need internet for that. Want to do absolutely anything at all? Yep, you need internet.

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