EnergyKnight SS-350ET-T3: the cheapest Seasonic unit (updated)

Introducing the (Seasonic) Energyknight SS-350ET-T3

The unit we have for this review could easily be the cheapest Seasonic-made ATX power supply unit out there. It is the 350W Energyknight SS-350ET-T3, a slightly different model from the more common Seasonic SS-350ET-F3. They both share 80 PLUS Bronze certification (@115 V) under the SS-350ET model number. It appears the T3 is custom variant largely based upon the F3 for the Czech distributor Partis, focused mainly on driving costs a little bit more down yet, a trade-in for a few connectors. That explains the EnergyKnight label with only a notice that the unit is manufactured by Seasonic (but it is not their own PSU series). The current price of the SS-350ET-T3 is just slightly over 800 CZK so that means mainstream market segment, yet it comes with 3-year warranty.

Seasonic Energyknight SS-350ET-T3

According to the label, Seasonic (or Partis, who knows) claims that this OEM unit (based upon S12II Bronze platform) has two +12V rails (which we will definitely check), both capable of delivering 17 A (324 W or 27 A combined). Both the +3.3 and +5 V rails can provide 20 A (or 130 W combined). The −12V rail is quite powerful with 0.8 A, while the stand-by rail delivers pretty much the ordinary 2.5 A. There should be over-power protection but nothing else, no OCP or OTP.

Packaging and accessories

The SS-350ET-T3 only comes in a transparent plastic bag, being an OEM unit. Well there may actually be power cord, I am not sure if I got it with one, or not. But as usually, no packing and no screws so I would still subtract half a point…

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