Seasonic G-450 Review

First Look

I have already reviewed the Seasonic’s SSP-350GT, and that turned out to be one of the best sub-400W units I have ever seen. Now, We’re looking at the retail version of the 350GT’s big brother – the G-450. This unit is a semi-modular 80plus Gold unit which can be had for $105 AUD.

The Box


The front of the box doesn’t tell us much except for what product is inside, that it is 80plus Gold certified, and that it has modular cables. Most of the marketing is on the back of the box.

  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • DC to DC Converter Design
  • Tight Voltage Regulation [± 3%] (Is that all? The 350GT did better than that)
  • Smart & Silent Fan Control [S²FC] (Translation: There is a fan controller, just like on all halfway decent units)
  • High Reliable 105°C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Nice. No need to worry about the capacitors going bad)
  • Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors
  • 12CM Ball Bearing Cooling Fan (Another nice feature. Fan failures shouldn’t be a problem either)
  • Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb structure] (A wire grille on the fan would be even better)
  • Multi-GPU Technologies Supported
  • Universal AC Input [Full Range] (Like every other 80plus certified product)
  • 5 Years Warranty (Interesting. According to the Australian Distributor, it’s only 3 years)


The front of the box is basically the same as the top, and the back simply repeats the aforementioned marketing bullet points in other languages.


The left hand side of the box contains a specifications table and a load table, while the right hand side of the box contains a picture of the power supply and a QR code which takes you to Seasonic’s website.


Opening the box up, we have the power supply, a bag of cables (which contains both the modular cables and an IEC Power cable), a User Manual, a Warranty Guide, and a zip-lock bag, which in turn contains eight zip ties, three Velcro ties, four screws and a powered by Seasonic Case sticker. This is all of the accessories I would expect to find in a power supply in this price range.

The Power Supply


The G-450 only has one 12V rail. While I do generally prefer having two or more 12V rails, it’s less of an issue with sub-500W units, as there just isn’t enough current to cause any major problems, even if your hardware does suffer from a partial short. The power supply itself is matte black, which is my preferred colour. It looks good, but finger prints don’t show up like they do on gloss.


The only hard-wired cables are the main ATX connector and the 4+4 pin CPU connector, which is fine, as all PCs require these cables. On the modular cables, we have six SATA Power connectors (two on one chain and four on the other), five Molex connectors, and two 6+2 pin PCI Express connectors. There is also a Molex to FDD adapter supplied.


Like on the SSP-350GT, both the fan an exhaust grille use a honeycomb structure. While this structure is very good for a punched grille, a wire fan grill would be better again.

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