Seasonic S12G 550 W: the cheapest 80 PLUS Gold unit with quality components?


The Seasonic S12G 550 W is probably one of the cheapest 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V) power supplies on the market which has high-quality components inside, including capacitors, as we have already established in the preview. The price starts approximately from 2500 CZK or 115 AUD so according to price-per-watt categorisation of mine, we are clearly in high-end segment. Here we have the 550W unit labeled SSR-550RT. SSP- is its stripped-down bulk/OEM version while SSR-550RM is the Seasonic G-550 which the S12G is derived from. It has full 5-year warranty though, just check carefully whether your reseller provides the warranty directly, or you would have to RMA through Seasonic.

Seasonic S12G 550 W front side view

The only real difference is the absence of the modular cabling, all the rest is the same. These power supplies are basically +12V (and −12V) units with DC-DC modules for +3.3/+5 V rails, hooked onto the main +12V rail. It provides 45 A (or 540 W) directly, or 100 W combined through +3.3/+5 V (each individually capable of 20 A). The stand-by rail, which is the same for all models from SSP-350GT all the way up to SSR-520FL2, delivers 2.5 A, the −12 V usual 0.3 A.


Packaging and accesories

The Seasonic S12G comes in carton box with full-cover printing. It is the usual Seasonic box where the power supply is on one side (sitting in two blocks of soft black foam) with cables and accessories next to it, that is why it is short and wide.


The accessories include the manual, power cord, screws, a few plastic zip ties and three velcro belts for cable management. For both zip ties and velcro ties, the unit gets one extra point.


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