Semi-fanless EVGA B3 units hit the market

The newest EVGA power supply series, the EVGA B3, has just reached the market. This family of units made by Super Flower pack a couple of interesting features including semi-fanless operation all the way up to 40% load. The user can however also turn this feature off via ECO button and keep the fan spinning all the time. There are 5 models available: 450W (220-B3-0450), 550W (220-B3-0550), 650W (220-B3-0650), 750W (220-B3-0750) and 850W (220-B3-0850). The PN of versions for 110/115V countries start with “110-” instead of “220-” even though they are pretty much the same, being full range (100–240 V) input. The first three EVGA B3 models are just 15 cm deep while the remaining two are still quite short at 16 cm.

EVGA B3 450

All five EVGA B3 units are 80 PLUS Bronze certified (@115 V) with “near Silver” efficiency which is interesting combination with semi-fanless operation. All of them also come with fully-modular cabling and 130mm sleeve bearing fan. EVGA covers all the units with 5-year warranty, the prices start at (without a cent) 50 USD for the 450-watter and go up to 100 for 850W. This is in the EVGA on-line shop, all the units should hit retail stores shortly (within a week, two at most).

For that you get single +12V output rail which in each case delivers pretty much the rated power itself. The +3.3 and +5 V rails use, as usually these days, DC–DC regulators fed from the +12 V. These provide 20 A each (24 A for 750/850W models) or 110 W (120 W) combined. The stand-by rail delivers 3 A. There is full set of protections incl. OCP and OTP. The 450W and 550W EVGA B3 units come with two 6+2pin PCIe connectors while other models feature 3, 4 and 6 of them.

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