SilentiumPC Elementum E1 SI-350 (SPC124) review

Introducing the SilentiumPC Elementum E1 SI-350 (SPC124)

The candidate which most likely falls into the top of the category for cheapest power supply in the product line-up of the Polish company SilentiumPC is the SilentiumPC Elementum E1 SI-350 (SPC124), which is also known as Elementum E1 SI 85+ ATX 350W. I actually received this unit in a response to the Whitenergy gutless crap unit I reviewed some time ago. SPC believes they can do better, which should not prove to be that difficult come to think of it. The SI-350 costs somewhat more than the Whitenergy, though with the price under 700 CZK (121 PLN in Poland), it still counts as a low-end unit. The provided warranty is only the basic 2 year.


This model uses the GPA platform from Channel Well Technology, but CWT does not physically manufacture them themselves, as SilentiumPC uses a different production factory, most likely Fortech Electronics. Fortech is a fab owned by Chaintech Technology Corporation, which merged with Colorful Group a few years ago. The GPA is the most low-end unit that CWT makes, but it is still nowhere near as anemic as other gutless wonders like that Whitenergy ATX-350W. It is an up-to-date group design platform with active PFC, though it’s only meant for a 230V input. Because of that, other units based on this platform will also be limited to certain areas depending on the grid voltage. SPC claims it can achieve efficiency on a level conforming to the 80 PLUS 230V EU (which would be 80 PLUS Bronze at full range), and that they decided to forego official certification in order to cut the cost.


As you can see on the label, SilentiumPC opted for a single +12V rail. Not that I would expect it to have any kind of OCP eventhough the label actually states that it does. Fortunately for SPC, it is not even a personal requirement of mine for mainstream units, much less the low-end. But the OPP could actually work though. The +3.3V rail provides up to 20A and the +5V rail has 15 A. I would have been just fine with just 15/10A for these rails any day of the week, as both these have very little use nowadays. Next we also have the standard 0.3A for the -12V rail and 2.5A for the stand-by supply.

Packaging and accessories

The SI-350 comes packaged in bulk for price reasons so you get it in only a plastic bag. There is no box of any kind, nor screws or a manual. I am not sure if it is normally provided, but I also got a power cord with it.


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