Silverstone brings golden Essential Series units

Silverstone has just introduced three new units to their Essential Series. This is no longer Strider Essential, or Strider for that matter, but a sepparate line, already available with 80 PLUS Bronze certified units. Although it is likely the Essential Series will replace the previous Strider Essential as a whole. So now there are three more units coming, this time 80 PLUS Gold certified variants: 550W (SST-ET550-G), 650 W (SST-ET650-G) and 750W (SST-ET750-G). It appears that these supplies focused mainly on low cost come from Channel Well Technology, as well as the previous Bronze ones, though this is yet unconfirmed.

Silverstone Essential Series SST-ET650-G

The new Essential Series models should arrive to Europe next week with recommended price of 62, 71.50 and 82 Euros, but this excludes the VAT. Silverstone does not mention warranty yet, but the previous Bronze models come with three years so it is safe to assume the new Gold ones will too. Much like the other Silverstone units, also these new Gold models offer single +12V rail with capacity of 45, 53 and 62 A, that is most of the unit rating in each case. It is safe to assume they do have DC-DC buck regulators for +3.3 and +5 V rails.

There are definitelly all the protections including OTP and OCP, Silverstone also claimes these units are capable of 24/7 operation under 40 °C ambient temperature, so the platform itself should be quite decent (unlike the relabeled Aurum in case of Strider Essential Gold). The cabling is of course fixed, but welded into flat ribbons (as many companies including Silverstone believe this is actually good). As for the cooling, the fan is most likely some basic 12cm sleeve-bearing one, but it should stay under 1000 RPM up to about 75% load, according to Silverstone’s speed diagram.

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