Silverstone expands Essential series with semi-modular gold units

Silverstone has expanded its Essential series of 80 PLUS Gold certified power supply units with three new semi-modular units. The only few months old series is getting three new models, 550 to 750 W: SST-ET550-HG, SST-ET650-HG and SST-ET750-HG. Their specifications are quite similar, all three feature single +12V rail (45, 53 and 62 A) and DC-DC regulators for minor rails. They come from Channel Well, as well as the non-modular variants.

All three Essential series “half-modular” (as Silverstone calls them) units have 140mm fan for quieter operation. Itt spins only slightly above 500 RPM up to about 50% load and still less than 1000 RPM at 75% load, according to Silverstone’s graph. CWT also equips them with full set of protections, including OCP, OPP and OTP. The fixed cabling of the newest Essential series units consists of flat black ribbons with Main ATX and 4+4pin ATX 12V connectors. Than there are two 8pin PCIe connectors on the back which connect cabling carrying two 6+2pin PCIe connectors each (totalling to four).

Four 6pin connectors on the unit than provide for peripheral cabling with 9 SATA, 3 molex and single Berg for floppy drive. All three units should be available in Europe starting from wednesday this week for RSP of 71.5, 79.9 and 89.9 Euros (excl. VAT). Silverstone covers them with three-year warranty.

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