Silverstone also extends warranty of some PSUs, introduces new case

Following Corsair’s lead, Silverstone has also announced an extension of the warranty that they provide for some of their power supply unit series. The change will affect the Strider Titanium and Strider Platinum families. The new warranty period will be 5 years, a move up from 3 years. While this is still on the lower end of the spectrum of warranty periods provided for high-end units, it is definitelly a step in the right direction. I have been criticizing Silverstone for their relatively short warranty periods for quite some time now. I have also been recommending to all the Silverstone representatives to re-think their meager 3 year period. That was pointing out to them that some companies provide as much as 10 year warranties, compared to their 3 years. This is particularly important, as the average length of warranty in the high-end segment of the PSU industry has risen a lot in the last few years. Indeed, quite recently, I have changed my minimum requirement for an acceptable warranty period for power supplies in high-end segment from 3 to 4 years. So now, at least some Silverstone units will also meet these requirements. More about their warranty policy on their website.


Silverstone has also introduced yet another case, the RL05 (SST-RL05BR-W) from the Redline series. This is Full-ATX, yet a somewhat miniaturized enclosure with dimensions of 210 × 465 × 450 mm and a weight of 5.9kg. The lighter weight makes me wonder how thin the material will be. It also has a window. But it does support graphics cards up to 14.7″ and is equipped with two 140mm fans at the front (for over-pressure cooling system) with a red backlight. But the RL05 also has positions for two upper fans and a single 120mm rear fan. The drive positions include a single 5.25″ external position, plus two internal 3.5″ and two internal 2.5″ positions. These are located in the bottom compartment, where the PSU also resides, and which is insulated from the inner space of the case. The front panel includes two USB A ports, a single USB C port and a pair of audio jacks. The suggested retail price in Europe is 60 Eur including VAT.

Silverstone_RL05_0 Silverstone_RL05_1 Silverstone_RL05_2