Silverstone launches new 80 PLUS EU units and SX700-LPT

Silverstone has introduced three new Strider Series power supplies last week bearing the 80 PLUS 230V EU certification. That basically equates to the 80 PLUS Bronze rating at 115 V, they are just limited for 200-240V input. These units are based on the common Channel Well Technology GPM mainstream group-design platform. They come in 400 W (SST-ST40F-ES230), 600 W (SST-ST60F-ES230) and 700 W (SST-ST40F-ES230) versions. The 500W model is absent though, as there already exists such a unit (Sirtec-made). All of them have fixed cabling, a single +12V rail, and they come with a basic set of protections including OPP, and they’re cooled by a 120mm fan. These new units are obviously intended for cheaper builds so the manufacturer suggested prices are at 34.50, 47.70€ and 57.50 Euros. All should be covered by a 3 year warranty.


Another newly launched model is the Strider SFX Series SX700-LPT. This one is the newest members of the SFX-L family of PSUs with 700 watts (750 W peak) and 80 PLUS Platinum certification. Sirtec (Sirfa/High Power) is the OEM and like other SFX units, it is fully-modular. Because of its length, it’s able to accommodate a 120mm fan and it even brandishes a semi-fanless operation mode! It should stay off until about 30% of load and only then does it jump to about 800 RPM, gradually increasing to 1700 with the temperature. It can also deliver more than 100 % of its rated power (58.4 A or 700.8 W) on the single +12V rail over a whole bunch of connectors. The SX-700LPT is also equipped with a full set of protections, including OTP. It is priced at 153 Euros.


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