Silverstone launches more Strider Titanium and also SFX Series units

During the last couple of weeks, Silverstone launched new products which were previously showed to us at CeBIT as well as other shows. (Though we did not make an article about CeBIT 2017 in the end, firstly because of lack of time, and secondly, the show was quite poor this year). Those are additions to their Strider Titanium series (80 PLUS Titanium certified) and also new SFX Series (80 PLUS Gold certified) models. In particular, there are three new semi-fanless Titanium models: SST-ST1100-TI (1.1 kW), SST-ST1300-TI (1.3 kW) and SST-ST1500-TI (1.5 kW). The OEM of the previously available models (600-800W, of which we have reviewed the 600W version) was Enhance Electronics, the new platform looks different, but most likely also from Enhance.

They managed to keep the length at only 18 cm which means power density of up to 646 W per liter for the 1.5kW version. All three units are still fully-modular and use only japanese capacitors, according to Silverstone. That may be also the reason for continuous output at 50 °C ambient rating. Silverstone also mentions 3% voltage regulation though the -12V rail in our sample was very far from anything like that. I just noticed Silverstone actually even specifies 1% line regulation…yeah, sure. Anyway, as could be expected, these units utilise synchronnous rectification of only single +12V rail (and DC-DC buck regulators for +3.3 and +5 V), rated at about the unit full power output from these alone. Silverstone still keeps 5year warranty for this series though.

The other additions are two fully-modular gold SFX Series models, SST-SX500-G (500W) and SST-SX650-G (650 W). The latter one increases the power density to 819 W per liter. These use always-running 92mm fans, which should however keep low speed (under 1000 RPM) up to about 60% load. Silverstone switched OEM supplier once again for these two particular units for Sirtec (Sirfa/High Power). Both SFX units share single +12V rail and also flat modular cabling with the Strider Titanium units, plus japanese caps too. The warranty should be 3year as well as for other SFX units. All of the newly launched PSUs carry full set of protections, including OCP and OTP.

Silverstone SFX Series SST-SX650-G

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