Silverstone presents the VT02 Mini-STX enclosure

Silverstone has just launched their newest Mini-STX enclosure, the VT02 (SST-VT02B). Very similar to the VT01 introduced last year, the VT02 has somewhat sharper edges and also larger air vents which can even cool the system down passively. Other than that, it is pretty much the same, accomodating the 5″×5″ Mini-STX motherboards from Integrated Electronics. Silverstone claims the case can take the original Intel cooler or even some aftermarket ultra-low profile heatsinks.

Silverstone VT02

The complete dimensions of the enclosure are 165 × 73 × 156.5 mm which results in less than two litres of space. This time however the steel is only 0.6mm and the front panel is plastic. So while the case is lighter at 493 grams, it will be slightly less sturdy. As well as the VT01, the VT02 also supports VESA standard 75mm mount so it can be put directly onto a display.

As the size slightly increased, there are now positions for two 2.5″ drives. The set of connector openings is the same: USB 3.0 A, C and two audio jacks. The VT02 cases are now available in Europe, RSP is 28.9 Euros without VAT.

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