Silverstone Strider Essential Series (SST-ST60F-ESB) 600W Review

Actual Specifications and Conclusions

Real Wattage 50W
OEM Sirfa
PFC Active
Price $85 AUD
ATX Connector type 20+4 pin
CPU Connector ATX/EPS12V (4+4Pin)
PCIe Connectors 3 (2× 6 pin, 1× 6+2 pin)
Molex (Peripheral) Connectors 3
FDD Power connectors 1
SATA Power connectors 6

The Silverstone Strider Essential Series 600 W (ST-60F-ESB) violated the ATX specification rules many times in our tests. We were surprised to see such a poor-performing mainstream unit, particularly from such a brand as Silverstone. This is not the first (and unfortunately, maybe not the last) time that we have seen this kind of thing from Sirfa – where the higher wattage versions of a platform perform poorly or out of spec, while the lower wattage versions are somewhat better.

Taking into account the results of this 600W version, I would not even consider the 700W version and I would also pass on the 500W version. Even if it worked OK when brand new, the components used (particularly the capacitors) are very low quality. The only good thing about these units is their efficiency, that’s about all. The only thinkable scenario is if you bought some high-quality low-ESR capacitors (which I sell) and replaced them before using the PSU. As it stands, though, it’s a flawed product and for less than $10 more, the Shaw PSUSH80PGOLD850 650W is a better buy.


  • Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Decent construction quality


  • Ripple out of spec, even at low loads (−4)
  • Low quality capacitors (−2)
  • Fan could be better (−1)
  • Average 5V voltage regulation (−1)
  • Poor crossload performance (−0.5)
  • Runs hot (−0.5)

Score: 1/10

Fail award

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I would like to thank Silverstone company for providing the Silverstone Strider Essential Series 600 W.

This review was originally published in Czech on and this is its translation. See my evaluation methodology to understand the scoring there.

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