Silverstone Strider Gold S (SST-ST55F-G V2.0/ST55F-GS): High Power golden platform


After so long, I have a High Power (Sirtec / Sirfa) unit in my hands once again, this time their latest golden platform. It is the Silverstone Strider Gold S 550 W, which should be codenamed SST-ST55F-GS after all other Gold S models having -GS in their codename, but it is actually codename-labeled as part of the Strider Gold line with SST-ST55F-G name with V2.0 sticker somewhere else on the unit. This is a really strange situation as if you order the older Strider Gold SST-ST55F-G (from Enhance Electronics), you may already get this Sirtec unit. And later it will probably completely replace the old model.


Anyway, this is a 550W 80 PLUS Gold (@115 V) certified unit (note the certification date – it is just copy-paste of the High Power platform which is also a copy-paste of old Astro platform) with fully modular cabling and it is only 14cm deep, that can save a useful amount of space in your case, especially if it is a small Micro ATX case with confined space. I think it’s worth an extra point. Warranty lasts for three years. I am not really sure about the price because of the labeling chaos but it is approximately 2700 CZK or 130 AUD for the older Enhance units which this one will probably replace.


One of the differences by which you can tell each unit is the +12V rail power. This Gold S model can provide up to 45.9 A (or 550.8 W). Look, it can provide higher power on the +12 V rail than the whole unit can! That made me laugh, I give half a point extra for this… The minor rails, +3.3 and +5 V can provide 20 A each or 105 W combined and are generated from +12 V with DC-DC conversion module. The stand-by supply handles 3 A. Another labeling problem I found is this text: This machine is not user serviceable and dangerous voltage inside this case. Huh? I am not a native but this strikes even me in the eyes. What machine and what’s inside?


Packaging and accessories

The printed cardboard box presents the main features from the front side. The unit inside sits in a layer of bubble wrap and is confined to a designated part of the box with cardboard divider while the accessories are next to it. Hopefully the single layer of bubbles will be enough for harsh transport.


The rear side repeats the important information and adds some pictures and background story. It also informs us the unit has 100% moudlar cable design. I wonder what that means…


The accessories include a power cord, all the modular cables, manuals, eight screws (four ordinary ones and four big thumbscrews you can install with your bare hands) and also some velcro ties with zip ties too. I think one extra point for the ties and screws would be fair.


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