Silverstone Strider Titanium 600 W (SST-ST60F-TI) review

Introducing the Silverstone Strider Titanium 600 W (SST-ST60F-TI)

Since our release of the preview of this Strider Titanium 600 W unit (SST-ST60F-TI), a couple of things happened. Firstly, I’ve been on vacation, so this is the main reason why the review was delayed till now. Secondly, as we already mentioned, Silverstone also extended the warranty from three to five years in the interim. Still on the shorter side in the high-end market segment, but definitely better than just the 3 years that they were providing before. And this 80 PLUS Titanium certified (@115 V) and fully modular unit is certainly a high-end model, with the price starting at approx. 4300 CZK (through a shop near Germany border), 145 Euros directly from Germany, or 200 AUD, 140 USD.


I would have previously assumed that Silverstone asked Sirtec to manufacture this unit once again, but after carefully inspecting the board, the layout felt unfamiliar for Sirtec units to me. And that’s because Enhance Electronics is the OEM of this unit. It is worth noting that this 600W version is still the least-powerful 80 PLUS Titanium certified unit on the market at this moment. There have been some samples from other brands, but those never made it to retail. I think we should expect some more Enhance-based models pretty soon, unless Silverstone paid them specifically for the exclusive manufacture of this platform, so that it should be unique to them. The unit is also only 150mm deep, which is relatively physically compact for a model of this power rating. So along with the extended warranty, Silverstone does really have an advantage. Other than this 600W model, this series also offers 700W and 800W models.


All of them of course utilize only single output transformer(+12 V), whereas the rail itself provides up to 49A (588 W) for the user. The minor positive rails, the +3.3 and +5 V, both offer 20 A (or 100 W combined), this is fairly standard for Enhance platforms. The −12 V rail can provide 0.3 A and the stand-by circuit 2.5 A. You can still see the same strange “Chinglish” text on the sticker, so it seems that Silverstone did not take note of the feedback here at all. Nah, lets move on.

Packaging and accessories

This SST-ST60F-TI unit comes in a medium-sized box, and on its front side is listed some of its more basic parameters. On the top side we have pictures of the connectors and their numbers plus the power distribution table, which informs us that the unit can deliver 650W of peak power.


More information can be found on the back side where we have some drawings, an efficiency diagram, and a fan speed diagram, which indicates that the maximum fan speed under normal operating conditions should be under 1000 RPM. The unit itself is packed in a plastic bag and sits between two pieces of black foam to protect it from vibration during transport.


As for the extras, we have a power cord, and all the modular cables come in a separate box. Then there are some ordinary screws and some thumbscrews, four zip ties, four velcro ties, a manual, and a warranty leaflet. Plus, they also included a fan filter, as many cases do not have come with one for the bottom mounting position. It’s also slightly magnetic and thus very easy to install. For these accessories the SST-ST60F-TI gets five extra points.


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