Silverstone Strider Titanium 600 W (SST-ST60F-TI) review

Connectors & cabling

All the cabling is black and formed together into flat ribbons. The thickness of all the wiring is only 18AWG, but at least there’ only a single PCIe connector on each cable, so the maximum they’ll conduct is 50 W per wire, that is OK and I think in this case I won’t even take points off for that. But none of the connectors have gold-plated pins, not even the SATA connectors (at least they don’t seem to be), and that is very indicative that they cheaped-out on the cabling, and for this I’ll definitely have to deduct some points. The SATA connector design standard is in itself very bad and stupid to begin with, even when the leads are gold-plated, and although the spec doesn’t officially call for it, almost every connector I have seen so far has used at least some gold in it. The exception has been the Whitenergy ATX-350W, and this unit. The Whitenergy was crap, is this high-end unit crap as well? If not, why didn’t they put some gold in it?


In total, we have:

  • 1× Main ATX (20+4pin): 55 cm
  • 1× ATX 12 V (4+4pin): 75 cm
  • 2× PCIe (6+2pin): 2× 55 cm
  • 2× PCIe (6pin): 2× 55 cm
  • 8× SATA: 2× 60 cm, 2× 75 cm, 2× 90 cm, 2× 105 cm (uff)
  • 3× peripheral molex: 1× 61 cm, 1× 76 cm, 1× 91 cm
  • 1× adapter molex to Berg for FDD: 10 cm


We can see that the modular cable board still uses the same style typical to Silverstone, even though it’s not a Sirtec-built one this time, with EPS connectors for PCIe / ATX 12 V / EPS and 6pin PCIe for peripherals. To keep good voltage regulation for the SST-ST60F-TI, Enhance Electronics introduced an extra ATX 12 V connector which us used for feedback wires. Silverstone also provides nice rubber caps for all the connectors which may be used to keep them clean from dust. This is another nice little bonus accessory that the unit will get another two extra points for. You’ll notice some slotted perforations under the connectors to allow for extra cooling. As always, I do not think it’s a very good idea., as it allows for some warm air to be pushed into the case. Fortunately though, due to this unit’s very high efficiency, it should not be a lot of heat, but I still feel it was unnecessary.

Casing & cooling

The metal chassis of the SST-ST60F-TI is made out of 1mm SECC, and it has a matte black finish (which is most likely a powder coating). The fan grill is an ordinary wired one, which is good as it impedes less during the intake, and causes less turbulence, and is generally more quiet.


The appearance of the back of the unit is quite similar to the Cooler Master V550S, and indeed it seems to be using the same case. It has much smaller hexagonal perforations than the Sirtec-made Silverstone units, but it also covers more of the surface area of the exhaust. Plus, there is no AC switch whatsoever, which also gives more space for the exhaust. But I wonder if some countries require the switch, and if they do, Silverstone may have some problems there.


As you may have already noticed, the fan is also somewhat special. It has three different sized fan blades, most likely to suppress air turbulence, and it also has it’s own built-in plastic grill within the frame. This is supposed to create more laminar airflow I suppose. It is Hong Hua HA1225H12F-Z, a 12cm fan with a fluid dynamic bearing. The maximum speed rating is 2200 RPM with noise level of 32 dBA. The maximum airflow is 75.5 CFM and the static pressure is equivalent to 2.6 mm of the water column. The MTBF is 50000 hours.


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