The 80 PLUS Titanium Silverstone SX800-LTI has been silently launched

Silverstone has sometime last December launched the newest SFX-L unit, the Silverstone SX800-LTI (SST-SX800-LTI). This 800W (850 W peak) model comes, as usual, with fully-modular cabling. It is also semi-fanless and 80 PLUS Titanium certified (though the certification is not yet on-line). This seems an interesting step forward, all the more reason I don’t understand why the company didn’t cover it with a press release. It is already available in Germany for 209 Euros.

Silverstone SX800-LTI

This new unit is made by Enhance Electronics, unlike the previous top-model, the Platinum certified 700W SX700-LPT (made by Sirtec). Otherwise it is quite similar. It is actually quite interesting that Silverstone pretty much switches between Enhance and Sirtec for each new SFX/SFX-L unit. The company promises fanless operation until the load reaches 20 %, then the fan should jump-start at 960 RPM and slowly increase the speed to 1700 RPM.

There is only single +12V output of course, which delivers 66 A or 792 W so pretty much the whole power output. Or it can also provide some power for the DC-DC modules (16 A@+3.3 V, 15 A@+5 V or 80 W combined). The rest is pretty much the usual (0.3 A/−12 V, 2.5 A/+5 V SB). The list of protections has pretty much all of them and includes also OCP and OTP. The Silverstone SX800-LTI should have only Japanese capacitors and is backed by three-year warranty.

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